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Kinitro is a new ready-to-run survey product designed to measure your employees’ engagement – but it goes much further. As well as getting their views on a range of topics - their job, the company, their manager, relationships, key policies and communications – the survey probes what is most important to them and encourages employees to suggest their own ideas.

In other words kinitro both collects information about how well you are managing people, and gives your people a proper channel for their ideas to be aired and heard and help them do their jobs better. The more “engaged” your people are, the more successful your organisation is likely to be.

Kinitro has been designed by Organisation Development and Research experts Burton Organisation Development in association with Snap Surveys. It is simple to set up and use, and the results will provide you with a rich picture of how your people experience working for you.

Online survey

The online survey takes 15-20 minutes for people to complete and you are able to customise certain questions so that the language used is familiar to your people.

The survey starts with two questions that test how satisfied people are with their jobs and how highly they rate your organisation. The survey goes on to cover a full range of topics that have been identified as the key drivers of employee engagement, including:

  • Job factors – which aspects of the job lead to satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • Organisation factors – the strength of people’s bonds to the organisation
  • Leadership and Management
  • Relationships
  • Key processes
  • Communications

Paper survey

Depending on which package you choose, you will be able to distribute paper copies of the survey as well and have these processed by the kinitro team to protect the anonymity of your people.

In-depth report

The survey has a built-in, comprehensive report and the results for your organisation will be confidentially benchmarked so that you can see how the results from your organisation compare with others. In addition to the report, you will be able to print out tables and charts of all the results.

Help and Support

A comprehensive guide to setting-up and managing the survey is supplied and email support is provided for those purchasing the survey.

Further fee-based advice and consultancy on creating action plans based on your survey results is available to ensure you get the best out of your investment.




Ability to print out paper copies of the survey

Basic report of results in the form of a marked up copy of the survey

Ability to benchmark results

Time limit for use

1 year

5 years

Licensed number of uses


No Limit

Include your organisation logo in survey

Tailor keywords to your needs (eg: you can replace the word “Manager” with a variety of other options to reflect the language used in your organisation)

Include additional questions to reflect current organisational issues


Include demographic groups (eg department, team, location, gender etc) to enable in-depth reporting

Automated analysis reports, including a range of tables, charts and analysis

Consultant review and report on results


First year

Ability to filter by year to make comparisons easy  

Email support

Telephone support


Additional, fee-based support to present results to a variety of audiences or help develop improvement actions

Pricing for kinitro survey depends on which version you choose and the number of people you employ.

You can buy a full version of the standard or enhanced models, or download an evaluation copy, which will allow you to trial the tool with up to 20 respondents and view the example analyses.

Organisation size Standard version

Enhanced version

<50 employees

£495.00 +VAT

£1495.00 + VAT

50-150 employees

£895.00 + VAT

£2695.00 + VAT

>150 employees

£1295.00 + VAT

£3595.00 + VAT

  • The standard model will suit many organisations and can be used once.

  • The enhanced model represents excellent value for organisations which expect to use the survey once every year or two years. An Organisation Development expert will review the results the first time the survey is used, write a value adding addition to the report and be available to provide further telephone support to help ensure that the results are understood.

Customers who wish to upgrade their standard version to the enhanced version should contact

The kinitro ready-to-run employee engagement survey is a collaboration between Burton Organisation Development and Snap Surveys.

Any Internet enabled device with Internet connection and a JavaScript-enabled web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer (5.5 or later). 

A PDF reader is required, you can download the Adobe reader here.

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